Saturday, January 20, 2007

Legs are successfully warm!

Well, the first knitting project of the new year is complete. In truth, I did start it last year. These are the legwarmers from Last-Minute Knitted Gifts. I knit them up with Cascade Heather and Crystal Palace Kid Merino held together. I love the flashes of electric blue the Kid Merino gives the legwarmers.

According to the book these should have taken 2-4 hours. I would say it took me at least three times longer than that, given my semi-beginner status and the fact that I could not find a 12" circular needle to save my life, and so used two circulars instead, which slowed the knitting down somewhat.

Once they were done, I gave them to my best friend who is moving to a cold, inhospitable clime- Edmonton. Hmm, I suppose I'd best get cracking on some for myself for when I go visit her!

Here she is, modeling said legwarmers:

Now onto another project from last year- the delightful fingerless gloves called "Fetching" from the also delightful Another friend has been waiting patiently for these since Halloween.