Sunday, April 12, 2009


So long without posting! If you're hear reading this, I salute and thank you! 

Unfortunately, my life in academia needed tending to in a big way. My year's goal of defeating my penchant for procrastination has not yet been achieved. This meant that I had to write my graduating paper in much shorter order than I'd recommend to anyone. However, the good news is that it is completed, revised, submitted, passed, and turned in to the department. My final presentation has been made, another course's final paper submitted, and I, gentle reader, am done grad school. 

Things will be a bit hectic around here for a while yet. My new teaching term has begun, and is extremely demanding, and I've got another job which I am woefully behind on to bring up to speed as well. However, I no longer feel like I have to deprive myself of all extracurricular activities to accomplish these goals. Hooray!

That's all quite dull, however. What are some good things that have happened, besides the finishing of grad school? 

Spring has sprung here in Vancouver, just a couple of weeks later than usual. I'm back to walking to work most mornings. Here's a sample of my morning commute. 

At this time of year I feel like all I do is take pictures of flowers. It's a compulsion, but spring beauty is so fleeting that I can't help but want to catch it and hold it in some way. Or at the very least, to take a few minutes to be mindful of my surroundings, particularly after several months of a head-down grind.  

I look forward to seeing you here again soon, and hope you're enjoying a taste of the season, wherever you are.