Sunday, July 27, 2008

Good News, and Knitting Too!

Happy days! We found out that the dog does not have cancer. He has pancreatitis, which is treatable and we have him on a trail of drugs now to do just that. Also, he was able to get the majority of his stitches out but as there are still some located in a location that male dogs find, ahem, tempting, shall we say, his cone stays on. He's managing to get around it pretty well though, and is hoovering up crumbs like his usual self. 

Also, I realized that my cousin's baby is only 7 weeks away from arriving, and that I need to get my knit on. No, I haven't yet darned the ends in on that darn second bootie, but I did cast on to the Cache Coeur (Ravelry link- sorry non-members), a very simple baby sweater from Ashford's magazine The Wheel. I'm using Sandesgarn Sisu, and am impressed with it so far. It has excellent stitch definition, and superwash with a bit of nylon, so it should be good for a mom who doesn't knit and might not want to handwash baby things. 

It's going well so far, and I think I'll try to complete the BSJ I have planned as part of the Ravelympic challenge in the Baby Dressage event. I also hope to complete my Sizzle in the WIP Wrestling match. It seems like a fun way to try and tackle some of the knitting I'm scandalously behind on!

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