Sunday, October 5, 2008

Things I Like About Fall

Fall is one of my favorite seasons, second only to summer. I'm a perpetually chilly person, so summer is a delight for me. All the muscles in my body relax, and my shoulders return to the position evolution intended. Although fall means that the cold weather is coming, it also means a return to some of my favorite cold weather pleasures. There's drinking tea, having hot baths, sitting on the couch under an afghan with the dog curled up on, or next to me, and breaking out the knitting. Case in point: my quickly growing monkeys. I must have done at least 4 pattern repeats yesterday. 

Some of my favorite fall things include:
1. Beautiful leaves

2. Incredible blue September skies

3. Surprising treats left over from summer

4. Stick to your ribs food

5. Having a pint with friends (although I'm not the one drinking Guinness, more likely Strongbow. Guinness sure is more photogenic though!)

6. Surprisingly sunny moments in otherwise grey weekends.

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