Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Moody January

Most of our snow has finally melted. It's been raining off and on for the past few days, and the streets are clear, as are most of the sidewalks. I'm excited to go out for a run, as I've been feeling kind of housebound for the last few weeks, at least exercise-wise.

I've seen some raindrops hanging from bare winter branches, jewel-like. My camera doesn't do them justice, unfortunately.

When I went out to the university today I couldn't resist a walk down to the beach. Campus was rendered blurry and muted with fog. Suddenly, I wanted to hear and see the ocean. When I tromped down the very long staircase to the beach I saw a few other people out with their cameras, enjoying the sound of the waves washing onto the shore, and the feel of the soft sand underfoot.

Looking left...

Looking out to sea...

Looking right.

I need to make time to walk down here more often. It's so relaxing to spend a few minutes in quiet contemplation, listening to the waves sliding on sand.


sweetcheese said...

Gorgeous views! They remind me a little of our northern coast here in California.

Jennifer Lee said...

i love the first image, almost reminds me of home.


Miss Ripley said...

Sweetcheese, I haven't been lucky to travel to your neck of the woods except in pictures. It looks gorgeous and I hope to get there someday!

Jennifer, I love your blog. Subscribed!