Saturday, January 26, 2008

Koolhaas complete!!!

Hooray! The Koolhaas is finally done! I know I should be good and take the pictures in natural light, but I couldn't wait.

It's finished, and thank goodness it fits. I was having a devil of a time swatching it, and finally decided to just plunge in. I did check the gauge as I went, and is seemed to be shaping up ok. I went down to a 3.75mm and 3.25mm needles to accommodate my perpetually loose knitting. I haven't blocked it yet, but as our forecast is calling for snow I'm not sure I'll get a chance for a while. It's currently on Sweetie's head right now, as he sits at his computer.

I'm not sure what the next project to hit the needles will be. I've got some lovely red=orange Malabrigo worsted to knit Foliage with, this time for me. I could also dig into the UFO bag and dust off an incomplete Backyard Leaves scarf from Scarf Style. I called a halt to it when I realized I'd screwed up an SSK several rows previously. I might be confident enough to go back and attempt a fix. There are also two beautiful balls of Louisa Harding ribbon yarn that call to me from my stash.

On a completely different topic, I've been looking anxiously for signs of spring, and finally found one in the form of some snowdrops.

Snowdrops are so delightful. They're the bravest of blooms, poking their heads up before anyone else, and risking getting caught in a snow shower. Best of all, they signal that the crocuses, daffodils and tulips will be along, each in their turn. I should be able to take spring for granted, but every year I watch for the first glimpse of the snowdrop.

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