Friday, February 1, 2008

Foliage. Part Deux and Diving Ducks

I've been battling the beast that is grad school this week- reading, writing, and reading some more, which makes for very dull knitblogging. Last night, I finally got my head above water and cast on!

The hat jag continues, and seeing how much Sweetie loves his Koolhaas made me want to knit another hat for myself. And there was that skein of Malabrigo in the stash...

I'm taking another crack at Foliage. I knit one for my SIL for Christmas using 3.75 mm needles. It turned out nearly too big for her, and certainly too big for my tiny, tiny head, so for this go-round I'm knitting with 3.25 mms. Hmm, I notice the yarn looks kind of orange in the picture; in real life it's more of a red orange. I'll make sure and take my next pictures in natural light.

Today I went for a lovely walk by the water with a friend of mine, and was quite excited to see some ducks I'd never seen before. I haven't identified the first ones I saw, and they were too reticent for me to get a good picture of, but I did get some pics of these guys:

They're Goldeneye ducks, a diving duck that winters on the Pacific and Atlantic coasts and, according to this site, eats molluscs, crustaceans, small fish and aquatic plants. We watched them dive down to the rocky sea bottom and nibble at the seaweed.

I love unexpected urban naturalism! My poor friend had to put up with my nature geekfest, but I can't help myself! I must have watched too many episodes of Wild Kingdom as a child.

I'll leave you with a shot of a cheeky pair of Mallards, who were not at all shy about having their picture taken, and who I strongly suspect were looking for a snack.

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