Sunday, February 17, 2008

Spring and Socks (er, sock)

I don't know about you, but I'm unfortunately prone to the Feblaharies. This time of the year, I have a hard time believing that spring will ever come. One of the first things I look for are the earliest cherry blossoms. Not the ones that will burst out all over the city in a few weeks, but the rare few early ones that appear just after the snowdrops. The other night I was driving home from class in the dark and rain, when I spotted dapples of ghostly white in the trees along the road. I went back a few days later and confirmed, to my delight, that the first blossoms had arrived.

My spring feeling has been nurtured by the beautiful sun we experienced today. I went for a walk, bought some art supplies, and went ice skating. Sweetie and I have been skating the past few weekends, and it's a lot of fun. When you try something new like skating, it's always a delight at how fast you seem to progress. I felt a lot less wobbly today than the past times we went.

I've been working a bit on the sock at night these days. I'm finding the ribbing a bit dull, but the self striping yarn provides the modicum of amusement I need to keep knitting away on my tiny needles. This is my first time using 2 mm needles and the going is a teensy bit slow! However, the thought of learning how to turn a heel is also keeping me going. Here's a shot of my progress so far:

In other knitting news, I've started listening to a few knitting podcasts this week. I've tried Lime and Violet, and Stash and Burn. If you have any favorites to suggest to me, please let me know! This may be a slippery slope...

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