Tuesday, November 18, 2008

0%, 50%, 100%

Well, this weekend provided me with a brief respite from the November craziness that is part of my life as a grad student. I slept in, cleaned the house, and did some knitting:

100% done: 

This is for my friend's baby, subject of the shower a couple of weeks ago, and who is set to make his or her appearance at any time now!!! I can't wait to meet and snuggle this baby! 

The hat is made from Blue Sky Alpacas Bulky, which is a 50/50 alpaca wool blend, and is soft and squishy, yet firm. It's delightful to work with. Part way through knitting this one I had a panic that I wouldn't have enough yarn (I totally did), and this spurred me to knit faster and faster, as if somehow knitting quickly would use less wool? I know this is totally illogical, but I can't help myself!

50% done:

I'm sure any regular readers of this blog are sick of hearing about them. but too bad! I've finally, finally, finally finished my first Monkey. This is no fault of the pattern, which is truly a delight to knit. It's merely a side effect of a stupidly busy schedule. It fits perfectly, and I can't wait to finish the other one. Or cast on for it, which I guess is the logical first step. I'm not really thrilled with the Fleecy Nylon I've used to reinforce the toe and heel, but unfortunately my only colour choices were white or cream. Next time I try this technique, I'll buy a better match online. Or I'll just resolve to buy yarn with some nylon in it from now on. 

0% done:

This will be the second baby hat. It is also Blue Sky Alpacas Bulky. These suckers knit up in the matter of a couple of hours, which is perfect for my current available knitting time. I anticipate that I'll be finished this one soon, and then it'll be parceled off to a cute British baby born to my Canadian expat cousin. I have to wait until Christmas to snuggle that one, but snuggle him I will!

Anyhow, off to engage in some procrastiknitting, and cast on for the orange baby hat, and listen to the Beach Boys. For inexplicable reasons, I'm obsessed with their song God Only Knows. I love the sound of the jingle bells in the intro; it seems a fitting intro to the holiday season. Hmm. Perhaps it is explicable after all!

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