Sunday, November 9, 2008

Procrastination is my nemesis

Ah, Procrastination, there you are again. It's been a little while since you came to visit. At least since my last paper was due. Lately it feels like you're my constant companion, paralyzing me with your whispers: "There's plenty of time for that later", or "You can definitely do that tomorrow". I haven't figured out how to banish you from my life, or even why you like to hang around here so much, but I will triumph! I always do, just usually at considerable personal stress. If anyone has any good suggestions for defeating this wily foe, please share! If you're lucky enough not to be plagued by him, know that I'm very jealous of you. 

This weekend has been spent in relative hermititude. I did some writing for one of my classes, but have a poster presentation and group presentation due this week, so I'll be busy with schoolwork for the next few days in a fairly intense way. I can't wait until December, when the semester will be over for me, and I'll only have to focus on work, and getting organized for my graduating paper. This fall has certainly been more intense, what with working while studying, than last fall was, when my only priority was studying. 

I did get out of the house for a few hours today to see a friend. I went to a couple of my LYSs to pick up some double pointed needles and bulky alpaca to knit some overdue baby hats. Well, one is overdue and one is due soon, so I need to shake a leg. I'll post some pictures once I have something to show you. I haven't touched my knitting all week though, so there's precious little Miss Ripley craftitude to show you. Crafting is one of my chief procrastination techniques you see, so I have to be on guard against nefarious crafting urges. 

Please cross your fingers for me, that I can buckle down and get some academic work done, so that I can have some time to knit! It's been pouring rain and miserable out. Perfect knitting weather! I haven't knit a stitch! Arrrrggggghhh! 

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