Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fall Back!

Today I got up, frantically cleaned my house, took out the recycling in the pouring rain,  and got ready to go pick up a friend from the seaplane. Then I sat down to my computer, and stared at the time. One hour earlier than what I was expecting. I am one of those people who forgot to turn their clocks back. It's all to the good though, as I had a bit of extra time to sip my cup of Earl Grey, and ease back on the pace of my Sunday. 

Yesterday was the baby shower for one of my good friends. My contribution to the shower included walking through the neighbourhood with a bunch of helium-filled balloons in fall colours like a one-woman clown caravan. Another good friend made a tremendous amount of delicious food for us to eat, including gingersnaps, homemade macaroni and cheese, tea sandwiches, lemon loaf, and the most delicious caramel-filled heart cookies. 

Shamefully, I didn't have a handknit present to give her. I found a few sweet outfits, and had to talk myself out of spending even more money but it was a challenge! There are a lot of cute baby things out there and it's easy to get carried away. I'm sad I didn't finish a knitted present for her yet though. The last few weeks have been so hectic that my knitting has really fallen by the wayside. I had hoped to finish my Monkeys for Socktober: I'm not even finished one. I'm at the toe, but haven't knit it yet. So, I'm off to the LYS to pick up some alpaca and a pattern I have in mind, then I'll get cracking. Tomorrow is Knit Night, and if I'm productive enough during the day I'll be able to go and spend a few hours knitting, which would be delightful. 

At any rate, this weekend has been rejuvenating. It was lovely to spend time with friends, catching up on each others' lives. The coming weeks are going to be busy with the increased pace of school, but I'm hoping I'll have some success balancing the various demands on my time a little bit better than I have of late. Fingers are crossed, as always. 


materfamilias said...

It was a lovely shower, wasn't it? And while you may have purchased the very cute baby gifts rather than knitted them, the handmade card and envelope accompanying them were delightful -- perhaps a brief tutorial post? you know, when you have a spare nanosecond or two . . .;-)

Miss Ripley said...

I wish I could take the credit, but that card was actually the one our very artistically talented friend Bridget made to go with her gift.

materfamilias said...

Ah! It seemed very much like something you could do, talented!