Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas is Coming!

December is here. I want to be knitting, cooking and listening to Christmas carols. My own academic work is finished for the term, but I'm teaching for another two weeks. But I am making some progress on some of these goals. I've been knitting on my interminable second Monkey, and making progress on the secret knitting project for Mr. Ripley. I'm about ready to start on the projects for my cousin as soon as I make the final hat pattern decision. 

Every year Mr. Ripley and I have a bit of a seasonal battle- a good-natured one of course. When will we decorate the tree? We have an artificial tree, a legacy of one of our first Christmases in Victoria when we couldn't have a real tree in our apartment building. For me, one of the chief benefits of an artificial tree is that it doesn't dry up, and thus can be up for a longer amount of time. I'd like to see the Christmas tree up on December 1. Mr. Ripley would prefer we wait until about December 20 to put up the tree, which is clearly way too late. And so we compromise. This year our negotiation resulted in an agreement on December 10 as the decorating day. This Wednesday night I'll be making a pot of chili and some avocado salsa, along with a pan of cornbread. We'll put on the carols, decorate the tree, and drink red wine. One of my good friends is coming over to help us. 

I can't wait!

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