Saturday, January 3, 2009

Let's call them goals, yeah, goals...

Not resolutions. Resolutions make me want to crumple under the weight of having to resolve to do something. It sounds so dire. Goals, on the other hand, are good things to have. We score them in sports. In job interviews we say we're goal oriented, whether this is the case or not. So this year I've decided to set a few goals for myself. 

1. Get the procrastinating under control. It is my nemesis. It makes me feel horrible. I will try and do this by trying to see big projects as made up of little steps. Little, manageable steps. Also, if anyone has any tips on this subject- share!

2. Finish my graduating paper for my graduate degree. Obviously, this is tied to goal number 1.

3. Improve the readership of my blog. Thank you for visiting! Now I just need to attract a few more of you... 

4. Tame the paper tiger. I swear, paper I leave unattended even for a few short days multiplies into rather large, daunting piles. 

What goals are you setting?


Margaret said...

Good luck with your goals. Nice blog. And Ripley is so cute!
(see? Posting on Ravelry helped you with #3)

sweetcheese said...

Your #1 goal is mine too for 2009! (I actually also have other little goals, but they are all ones that have been squashed by procrastination in the past).

And for #3, I found you from your comment on DesignSponge and thought your post title sounded like me. I think I'll go poke around the rest of your blog now.

Good luck!

Miss Ripley said...

I'm glad you found me! Feel free to post about how your goals are going. Now I'm heading over to your blog! Love how this works.