Saturday, May 3, 2008

Operation Resurrection

Well, it's been a hectic month all around. I started working full time teaching on Mar. 31, and had to also finish my papers for the end of the academic term. April was a blur, and even with an extension on one of my papers, it was a herculean effort. I had to put aside my other job, working for a professor, and am now consequently in the position of having to make up time for her now.

However, that said, at least my own studies are done until September! Now I have only my two jobs to focus on, and a social life to reconstruct. I've been trying to catch up with my lovely friends, and have had some success, but there are still days that I don't even have time to send an email.

As you can imagine, the opportunities for knitting have been severely constrained. However, I have some swap knitting to complete this weekend, along with another project for the swap. That said, I can't post pictures lest I ruin someone's surprise. It's my first foray into designing anything myself, and although it's not tricky my first attempt needs modifications. Here's hoping that the knitting fates smile upon me and my woolly endeavour. I'll post pictures once my swap recipient has received the parcel.

Speaking of knitting, I've barely looked at Ravelry for the last month, which is a crying shame. Now I have to go back and get caught up as much as I reasonably can on my favorite groups. I miss the Ravelry desperately. I was so sad to see that I missed the Ravelraiser deadline. Boo to me. However, I suppose there's nothing stopping me from donating in the absence of any cool campaigns.

I have been taking advantage of the marginally warmer weather, and my marginally larger amount of free time to walk to work. I'm going to sprinkle this post with some images I've taken of my neighbourhood, and walk to work, in full spring glory. The trees in my neighbourhood are all either totally lush with an abundance of pink or white blossoms, or are unfurling leaves that are, for me, the epitome of spring. I love the yellow green of the tender leaflets.

I look forward to bringing some knitting content back to the blog in the next week or so. I've got a Sizzle on the needles from last summer to finish, a Clementine Stole (also a UFO), and my cousin's baby due in September to knit for. Time to get those needles clicking!

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