Monday, June 2, 2008

Wow, that took longer than I thought!

Hello friends, if you're still out there after another long hiatus. I've finished my Neil Gaiman swap knitting and mailed it off. I have pictures of some lovely wool content but I have had to include it in my swap package in an attempt to make up for my knitting tardiness. Until my poor recipient has the package in her hot little hands, I have to refrain from posting anything that will ruin the surprise.

At around every time this year, I have to battle my instincts to abandon knitting in favour of a more summery craft like embroidery. This has resulted in a number of summery knitting UFOs. There is the partially completed Sizzle, which is a currently half a front in chocolate brown Butterfly cotton. There is the Clementine stole, which might be one-tenth complete. I also have a ball of Cherry Hill sock yarn waiting to be made into Monkeys or something equally wonderful. There are other UFOs of the fall variety as well, but I'm not ready for full disclosure yet.

This year the impetus to knit through the summer is even stronger though, as there are some small humans coming this fall. My cousin is expecting a little boy in September, and my friend is expecting a tiny person in November. This means I need to keep the needles clicking over the summer. I have Saartje's Booties in my queue, as well as the Baby Surprise jacket. I have purchased some lovely Dream in Colour Smooshy in an aqua colour for the booties.

In addition to the baby stuff, there is also the lure of crochet, which I've wanted to explore for a while now. Will this be the year?

ARRGH! This all sounds very scattered. If anyone reading this can offer me some advice on how to proceed, I would welcome it! Do I try and get something done on a UFO? Start a new pair of socks? Knit some booties? Pick up a hook? Blog readers, I need some help over here.

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hey, you! wondered where you were! come visit me at my blog! ciao! chris