Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Seattle, and Yarn, Luscious Yarn....

Sweetie and I are back from Seattle. It was my first time in the city, and I really enjoyed it. We visited the famous (justifiably!) Pike Place Market, and had delicious chowder and a crab roll. What a delicious lunch! We wandered the market, ogling fresh seafood and the work of local artisans of all kinds.

We followed this up with some wonderful mini doughnuts.

Both of us love exploring new cities on foot, and we traversed downtown Seattle in every direction. Some of the highlights for me were the Elliot Bay Book Company. The truly great independent bookstore is a disappearing breed; this only makes me appreciate places like the Elliot Bay Book Co. even more. It is spacious, with high ceilings and cedar shelves reaching high overhead. The selection of books is incredible, and both Sweetie and I found a few novels. They also had a great selection of craft books, including knitting books. It was a struggle not to have a financial hemorrhage, but I managed it.

It was a pleasure to visit So Much Yarn as well, but I learned something I should probably have figured out in advance: don't bring your sweetie to the yarn store with you. I didn't really have enough time to do justice to the store, but it was a lovely place and the people working there seemed very friendly. It's definitely worth a visit.

We both really enjoyed the Capital Hill neighbourhood, and wound up there a few times during our trip. You can walk there from downtown in about 20-25 minutes, but be warned that there is a large hill involved! Alternatively, you could catch the bus (the 10 runs from First Avenue up to Capital Hill). The buses in the downtown core are free until 7 pm, which is pretty great. Capital Hill is outside the free zone, but only barely. You could easily walk from the last free stop if you wanted.

We had a fantastic lunch at Pho Cyclo (406 Broadway East), which we'd scoped out the previous night and which was the most delicious Vietnamese food I've ever eaten. Everything was incredibly fresh. I had pineapple-marinated shrimp on vermicelli and it was amazing. A lot of Vietnamese food I've eaten in Vancouver tends to be on the greasy side, with lackluster sprouts acting as filler. Both Sweetie and I agreed the food at Pho Cyclo was head and shoulders above any Vietnamese food we'd eaten at home. The one complaint we had was that the service, while prompt, was totally unsmiling. The food more than makes up for it though.

There is great service at Edie's Shoes though. The very pleasant salesperson put up with me admirably while I debated over two pairs of sneakers. One was a British Racing Green pair of Campers, which made me imagine myself as a gal in the 1950's riding my bicycle in a skirt and cardigan, and the other was a pair of Asics Tigers in olive green with orange accents, which had more of a 1970's track star feel. Here is the pair I chose:

Apparently I would prefer to adopt the persona of a 1950's college girl. Well, I did just reread Franny and Zooey...

Velouria is a great little store in Ballard which features the work of local designers, and which boasts a charming proprietress. One of my friends recommended Ballard to me, and Sweetie and I stopped there this morning on our way out of town. There are a number of cute shops and cafes only a few blocks away from a stretch of industrial waterfront. I wish I'd had a bit more time to explore the area, and would definitely return on another visit.

The one big downside to our trip was the weather. Both Vancouver and Seattle have been experiencing unseasonably cold weather this month. It rained almost all day Monday, and then became extremely windy in the evening. On Tuesday, it rained and was grey. Today was.... grey. And cold. I really hope that summer decides to arrive sometime soon, preferably this week while I'm still on holiday!

I've decided to start the Saartje's Booties. I'm using this yarn, which is Dream in Color Smooshy in a colourway called Beach Fog. It's a lovely mix of aquas and greens, which should be perfect for a baby of either gender. I do know that one of the fall arrivals is a boy, so this is a good thing.

Also, now that she's received her package, I can share the picture of the yarn I bought from local dyer Yummy Yarns and sent to my swap partner as part of our Neil Gaiman swap on Ravelry. That wasn't my original plan for this yarn, but I was late getting my package out, and decided my swap recipient's patience should be rewarded with some lovely yarn. The colourway is called Ravage Me. Wowza! However, like an idiot I forgot to take a picture of the Emerald Green Handwarmers I knit her using Berrocco Ultra Alpaca in a burgandy. This pattern is a a lovely one, and only had to be modified slightly to accommodate the thickness of the Ultra Alpaca. I love knitting with Ultra Alpaca. It combines the softness of alpaca with the pricepoint of wool.

Next post: Saartje's Booties!

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